20. September 2016

Germany | Cologne | Lecture on Ritual Saughter and Ethics at ABI (Akademischer Bund Interkulturell)

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The Academic Organisation for Culture, an Islamic Institution in Cologne (Germany), invited our inspector Asalet Sancakdaroglu to give a talk about animal-welfare and in particular Ritual slaughter. The presentation was 3-hours long and the audience was very attentive and interested. Asalet explained the essence of the Islamic requirements for slaughter methods (to cause as little pain as possible) and broke down some common myths (that pre-stunning is not Halal). Mr. Sami Alphan from the Institution wrote a very nice blog about the presentation which you can find here:  <link https: abiblogger.wordpress.com yorum-helal-kesim-sunumu-hakkinda-sami-alphan>