23. July 2019

Germany | Reinhardshain | Veterinarian stopps transport of hens

Copyright: Polizei Mittelhessen

Copyright: Polizei Mittelhessen

On Tuesday evening is still 37°C when a veterinarian is called to check on a transport of chickens on the autobahn A5 in Germany. She experienced a lot, but the sight of the 4,800 layers is extremely depressing. The animals have already been transported in hot weather for one day without food or water by a dutch transport company. The hens are from France and are destined for slaughter in Poland. Many have died already, and the other animals will not last much longer. Therefore, the veterinarian has to act quickly. 

The veterinarian manages to organise a stable for the unloading of thousands of hens in no time, and so the animals are off the truck by 10.30 PM and receive food and water. The transport company as well as the organiser now have to face a penalty and will have to pay the cost for the investigation, the unloading of the animals as well as their care. The hens are not allowed to be transported before next Tuesday and their destination is no longer Poland. A slaughterhouse in a shorter distance could be organised. 

We are grateful for the veterinarian`s initiative and her interference. This way she managed to re-established the dignity of these layers who have reached the end of their "career", and are disposed in slaughterhouses like rubbish on a daily basis.