29. September 2020

Poland | Bodzentyn, Lagow | Monthly Report September: Cattle and Horse Markets

Bodzentyn. Our team notices a cow with overgrown claws and reports this case to the competent authorities.

Lagow. Due to very low number of buyers and animals the marked closes very early.

Our team is inspecting the animal markets in Bodzentyn and Lagow. At the horse market we do not see a single horse. It becomes ever more typical that there are no horses being sold at the Bodzentyn horse market anymore.

At the Lagow cattle market our team only documents three cows.  However, the traders keep haggling for over an hour. We hear the rumours that the Lagow cattle market is supposed to close its operations before the end of this year. We are not surprised about these rumours. The number of animals being sold at this market have significantly dropped.

The situation is different at the Bodzentyn cattle market. This month, we see more animals than during the previous weeks. We count about 250 animals. Among healthy young cattle, we notice two cows with overgrown claws. Even though these cases of neglect are becoming rare, we inform the veterinary inspection about this offence. Other than that we do not observe any more animal welfare violations during our market inspection.