28. February 2021

Poland | Bodzentyn | Monthly Report February: Cattle and Horse Markets

Due to the low temperatures not as many animals are being sold at the Bodzentyn cattle market.

There are no horses being sold at the Bodzentyn horse market. It seems like the trade with live horse at this market is finally history.

At the beginning of February, we observe less animals than usual during our inspection of the Bodzentyn cattle market. We suspect that the reason for the small number of animals at the market is due to the very low temperatures reaching minus 17˚C. However, during next inspections we observe that the number of animals is slightly increasing. We document up to 300 animals despite the ice-cold temperatures.

On one of our inspection days, we spot a cow with overgrown hooves. Whilst we want to document this animal welfare violation, we are being verbally attacked by the traders. Our team is trying to deescalate the situation by staying calm. Unfortunately, our attempts to engage in a constructive discussion with the traders remain unsuccessful. Therefore, we decide to leave the situation. We will report this neglected animal to the veterinary authorities.   

The situation at horse market remains unchanged. Since over a year no horse has been sold here at the market in Bodzentyn. Our team visits the market merely to check whether the trade with live horses has ended permanently.