30. June 2021

Poland | Bodzentyn | Monthly Report June: Cattle and Bird Markets

Bodzentyn cattle market. Probably due to very high temperatures, there are fewer animals being sold at the market.

Bodzentyn bird market. Mainly pigeons are being sold during our inspection days in June.

Our team is rescuing two abandoned dogs.

Resuced Mrowka and her puppy. Luckily, we were able to find a good home for them immediately.

During our market inspections in June we see less cattle than usual. The average number of animals present at the market does not exceed 150. We suspect that this could be related to the high temperatures exceeding 30˚C and more. Our team encounters the same situation at the bird’s market which was recently re-opened in Bodzentyn. Also, here fewer animals are sold than usual. We mainly see pigeons. All animals are in good condition. This month our team does not observe any animal welfare violations on both markets.

However, during one of our inspection days our team spots a young female dog searching for food. She must have given birth recently because we find one of her puppies hiding under a rubbish container. We are able to provide both of them with food immediately. A man who has been observing our rescue action approaches our team and offers to adopt both dogs. We know him very well since he owns an agrotourism property in the area. He tells us that his dog of 17 years died recently and that he would be happy to look after the two abandoned animals. He immediately names the mother dog “Mrowka” (meaning ant). We are happy that we could find a home for the dogs so quickly and offer to pay for the neutering of both animals after they have settled and the puppy is old enough.