15. August 2017

Poland | Neutering program in Swietokrzyskie region

[Translate to English:] Łukasz Cieśla – Veterinär aus Nowa Słupia mit seiner Patientin Ramona.

[Translate to English:] Beata Mazur – Veterinärin aus Górno mit ihrem haarigen Patienten.

[Translate to English:] Alle Patienten erhalten eine sehr professionelle Betreuung.

[Translate to English:] Rudy ruht sich aus nach der Operation.

In February, TSB/AWF invited chosen municipalities in the Swietokrzyskie region to participate in a free neutering program for cats and dogs belonging to residents (as opposed to the projects for homeless animals). The project assumed that TSB/AWF would finance 70% of neutering costs if local government covers the remaining 30% and the costs of microchipping. Out of 14 invited municipalities, 12 decided to join. We are very happy that new towns like Daleszyce, Kunów, Bieliny and Górno joined.

We see a big positive change in pets’ owners approach to neutering. A few years ago, we had to work a lot to convince people to castrate their animals. Now, the financial resources are not sufficient to fulfil the demand. In most cases, the lists of attendance were full immediately after the information about free neutering was published on local websites.

Another positive change we have observed is the number of castrated female cats which constitute the majority (51%) of neutered pets so far. Female dogs constitute 39% of neutered pets, male cats - 6% and male dogs - 4%. Moreover, all dogs are microchipped and registered in a national database.

Up till now 659 animals were castrated. 399 were financed by TSB/AWF and 260 by municipalities. Furthermore, another 200 pets are waiting for castration. Cooperation with local governments and veterinarians is going smoothly. All small patients are healthy and their keepers happy.