01. February 2017

Poland | Pawłów, Brody, Daleszyce, Kunów, Górno, Mirzec | Meetings on neutering program

Our team meets the local authorities of Pawłów, Brody, Daleszyce, Kunów, Górno and Mirzec. We offer them cooperation and co-financing neutering cats and dogs belonging to residents. TSB/AWF will finance about 60% of costs if the municipalities take over 40%. We address also their problems with finding an effective way to reduce animal homelessness. Despite the fact that Pawłów, Brody, and Mirzec have participated in our neutering and microchipping program since 2012, the number of homeless animals in their area has not decreased. 

We invite to join our program new towns like Daleszyce, Kunów, and Górno. They have the same problems with reducing the number of homeless dogs. They suspect that animals are intentionally moved from one neighbor area to another and the costs of keeping animals in the animal shelters are increasing. To reduce these costs, Daleszyce and Górno cooperate with volunteers who take care of abandon dogs instead of bringing them to animal shelters. The volunteers also search for new homes for these pets. This is an example of a very good solution which should be followed by the others.

We invited 13 municipalities so far, most of them will join our neutering program.