05. March 2017

Poland | Skaryszew | Inspection of horse market - Nighttime

[Translate to English:] Warten auf die Öffnung der Tore.

Our Eyes on Animals and TSB|AWF team is visiting the annual horse market in Skaryszew. It takes place once a year and hundreds of horses are sold for leisure, breeding, work and slaughter. We want to check if the transport conditions and facilities for the horses at the market have changed since last year, and if our suggestions were implemented.

This year the fair lasts two days, with coldblooded horses sold during the first day, others on the second day. Traders from many European countries like Romania, Germany, Holland, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania and even Croatia arrive to buy horses. Many horses are brought already in the late afternoon and are kept on the vehicles until the gates of the market are opened – about midnight. The vehicles bringing horses are organised in a long line-up to two control posts where Veterinary Inspection is checking conformity with regulations.