21. March 2019

Poland | Starachowice | Court Case No.4

Court case: Bull with an ingrown metal chain.

We are hearing the verdict in the case of a bull with part of metal chain ingrown in his head, the one that we documented during cattle market in May 2018.As always in cases of abuse, we reported it to the Police. This time, two persons are accused: the previous owner who allowed the chain to grow into the bull’s head, and the trader who - against the order of veterinary inspector present at the market - pulled the rope tied around injured area causing a severe pain.

Shockingly, the trader requested the case against him was dismissed because he is in course of recruitment procedure to the Police, and if he is found guilty, he would not be able to become a police officer... After a few sessions, the court issues its verdict. Both men are found guilty and must pay a fine of around EUR 800 (PLN 3500) each. The verdict is not legally valid yet and both perpetrators may apply against it.