30. April 2022

Poland | Swietokrzyskie | Monthly report April: Farm Animal Service

Sieradowice: A mare is suffering from scabies. Our team is here to help.

Zlotniki: We are trimming the hooves of a young horse.

Wola Szczygielkowa: We are looking after the claws of this calf.

Okalina: We are caring for the hooves of a rescue pony.

April is a busy month for our Farm Animal Service (FAS) team. We start our work on a farm in Bodzentyn where a horse had an accident. The horse cut his tongue with hay-bale string. Unfortunately, there is nothing our team can do to help. The horse needs medical assistance, and we advise the owner to call a veterinarian immediately.

Next, we are on our way to farm in Zlotniki. There, we trim the hooves of one horse. The owner is extremely poor. He cannot afford agricultural machines and relies on his horse to work the field. He asks our team for additional support. We provide him with a bag of oats for his horse and some food for his dog.

Afterwards, our team drives to a farm in Sieradowice. Whilst we trim the hooves of a mare, we notice that suffers from scabies – a skin condition. We treat the affected area with a special medicament. It should relive the symptoms very quickly. We will return in a couple of days to check on the treatment progress. Then our team is visiting two farms keeping cattle. On the first farm in Wola Szczygielkowa, we are shortening the claws of two calves. On the second farm in Debno, we encounter a cow with overgrown claws. We take care of her claws immediately, so that she can walk without pain again.  

Later, in Linow we are trimming the hooves of three ponies. The animals were completely neglected by the owners of the farm. The ponies originally belonged to the son of the farmer. Unfortunately, the son got into trouble with the law and was no longer able to look after the animals himself. His parents felt overwhelmed with the situation that they did not care for the ponies properly either. Luckily, they decided to give the ponies away and to find a new home for them.

Our last visit this month is in Okalina. Here, we trim the hooves of the three horses. All three have been rescued and struggle with health issues. The new owner cares very much about them. She has just finished building a new shed for them on the paddock.

In April, our team visited 20 farms in total. We trimmed the hooves of 28 horses and the claws of one cow and two calves.