31. December 2021

Poland | Swietokrzyskie | Monthly report December: Farm Animal Service

Skorzeszyce. The trimming of the hooves goes fast and smoothly thanks to a helper.

Krajno. The owner is cleaning the dogs’ kennel according to our animal welfare instructions.

Makoszyn. Our FAS farrier is trying to find the reason for the cow’s lameness.

In December, the weather is not very kind to our Farm Animal Service (FAS) team and the animals in the region. It is very cold and windy.  

First, our team drives to Niedospielin. The owner decided to decrease his herd. He is planning to sell three horses. We deworm one of his foals and trim the hooves of a mare. Next, we visit a farm in Skorzeszyce. Last time, the owner had problems with his mares. They would not pick up their legs. This time owner asks his neighbour for help and the trimming of his two mares goes smoothly. Afterwards, our team drives to a farm in Lisow. There we trim the hooves of several horses. The weather conditions force us to end our work early on this day.  

On the next day, our team arrives in Krajno. The owner is currently cleaning the dogs’ kennel. As a reward for his work, we trim the hooves of two of his mares.

Then, we are called to help a limping cow on a farm in Makoszyn. When we examine her claws, we do not find any reason for her pain. However, we spot a wound on one of her legs covered in manure. We advise the farmer to call a veterinarian to get immediate treatment.

On the next farm in Sadlowice, our team encounters another limping animal – a stallion. We identify a wound on the pastern joint. Our team helps the owner to find a good veterinarian to treat the wound.

In total our Farm Animal Service team visited 14 farms in December. We trimmed the hooves of 17 horses. Additionally, one foal was dewormed.