28. February 2022

Poland | Swietokrzyskie | Monthly report February: Farm Animal Service

Grabkow: An abscess is the reason for this cow’s lameness. Our team is here to help.

Gosciecin: The mares are well trained. Our team is able to trim their hooves with ease.

Trzeszkow: When the horses are not trained well, then hooves’ trimming is getting more difficult like in this case.

Lubienia: We teach the owner how to train his mare to pick up her hind legs.

This month we start our work on a farm in Machocice. Even though this farm is not part of our ATET-programme, our team is looking after a limping cow. The prevention of animal suffering is always our priority. The young animal is suffering from overgrown claws. Our farriers take care of the problem immediately. During the process the cow is very calm. Therefore, the trimming of the claws goes fast and without problems.  

On the next farm in Grabkow, our farriers are treating another limping cow. This time we find an abscess during trimming. We clean and disinfect the wound. It will take a couple of days for the wound to heal. After that the cow should be able to walk without pain again.  

Afterwards, our team is driving to a farm in Gosciecin. The owner reduced his herd recently. Now, he only has six mares. The farm is well maintained, and we have no complaints. As a reward, we trim the hooves of his mares. The horses are well trained. The trimming goes easy and without problems.  

A different situation is awaiting our team on a farm in Trzeszkow. Here, the two young stallions have not been well trained yet. Our team has huge problems during the trimming of their hooves. We instruct the owner how to practice with his two stallions, so that it will be possible to trim their hooves with ease next time.  

Also, on the next farm in Lubienia our team has difficulties whilst trimming the hooves of a young mare. She feels uncomfortable picking up her hind legs. Therefore, we are only able to trim her front hooves. We show the owner how to train his mare to pick up her hind legs stress free. Our team will return to check on the improvements of her training. Hopefully, we will be able to trim the rest of her hooves soon.   

In total, our team visited 20 farms in February. We trimmed the hooves of 20 horses and the claws of two cows. Additionally, four horses have been dewormed. Moreover, we welcomed a new member to our ATET-programme that is aimed at improving the lives of farmed animals.