28. February 2021

Poland | Wachock | Helping animals in need during the COVID-19 pandemic

Our team makes sure that the two dogs, Reksio and Bioly, are vaccinated against rabies by a veterinarian.

At the clinic: One of our brave patients is patiently waiting for her owner after the sterilisation.

One of the female cats during the neutering surgery.

In February, our team continues with helping animals in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. This month our team finances the neutering of ten female dogs and ten cats (seven female, three male). Additionally, we are bringing one homeless dog to the clinic for a medical treatment. Moreover, our team is able to vaccinate seven dogs and treat two cats against parasites.  

At the end of the month, our team receives a sad news. The owner of Bioly, the dog our team has been looking after since December, passed away. Now his younger brother will have to look after Bioly and the cats by himself. We will keep monitoring if the younger brother is able to look properly after the animals. Since the temperatures are rising now, he provides his cats and dogs more frequently with food. All animals are in a much better condition now.

Next month, our team will continue with their work for animals in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.