30. April 2021

Poland | Wachock | Helping cats and dogs in need during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The health of every animal is carefully examined before every surgery.

Our team helps the vet to check the temperature of a dog just before surgery.

This month, two animal welfare volunteers from the region of Kielce ask our team for help. They are providing veterinary care for homeless animals and try to find permanent homes for them. We have been collaborating with them before and will support them again this April within the framework of our help-programme for cats and dogs in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. Together with the two volunteers, we organise the neutering of one dog and three female cats.

Moreover, we are contacted by a very poor lady who cannot afford to sterilise her two cats. Our team will cover the costs for the sterilisation of her animals. She is glad that her cats will no longer have any kittens that she cannot properly take care of.  

The news about our help-programme for cats and dogs is spreading fast in Wachock. Many people now ask us for help since the government has cancelled their free neutering service due to exploitation.

In April, our team managed to organise the neutering of four dogs (three female and one male) and nine cats (6 females and 3 males).