29. April 2022

Police Training: Seminar on the inspection of live transports

Our project manager Iris Baumgärtner holds a presentation together with official veterinarian Dr Claudia Eggert-Satzinger on the protection of animals during transport.

Following the invitation of Dr. Madeleine Martin from the Hessian Ministry of Environment, Climate Protection, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, our project manager Iris Baumgärtner holds a presentation on animal welfare problems during live transports. She is supported by Dr Claudia Eggert-Satzinger, an official veterinarian with many years of experience inspecting live transports. The main topic are the requirements of EU and national regulations on live transports. Moreover, we provide examples for inappropriate drinking systems, partitions with risks for injuries, missing bedding material and unfit animals. During the one day seminar for police and official veterinarians other experts are presenting enforcement problems during transport of small animals which are often transported by courier services and on disciplinary measures in case of violations.