28. November 2019

Strasbourg | France | EU-Parliament hearing on the protection of unweaned animals during transport

We are presenting the main animal welfare problems occuring during long distance transports of unweaned animals to the MEPs.

We are invited by the Eurogroup For Animals, to participate in the hearing of the EU-Parliament on the implementation of the regulation on the transportation of unweaned animals. The hearing was held on Thursday, 28. November by the initiative Intergroup on the Welfare & Conservation of the Animals in Strasbourg.

Our team has been proving for many years now that it is impossible to transport unweaned calves and lambs for more than eight hours in conditions that guarantee their welfare and is within the strict compliance with the council regulation (EC) 1/2005. Especially, because it is not practicable to supply unweaned animals with appropriate food or milk substitutes inside a vehicle during transport. 

We use our part in this hearing to critically comment on the enforcment of the regulation and ask the Members of the European Parliament to support our concern in order to change the way in which unweaned animals are being transported within the EU. Our demand is that unweaned animals are only being transported over short distances and to enforce a ban on the export of these young and vulnerable animals to third countries.    

For further information see:
Animal Transport Intergroup