08. July 2016

Turkey | Border Kapikule | Animal transports

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During the last week, two teams of TSB|AWF and Eyes on Animals have seen approximately 200 livestock trucks pass the Turkish border of Kapikule and inspected 118 thereof. The animals were coming from Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Italy and Slovakia. Before the investigation, we had sent a warning to all exporting EU Member States about the extreme temperatures on this route. The transports had been approved nevertheless. Many trucks had very high loading densities despite it being well-known that they remain parked for hours or even days in the sun at this border. The water coming out of the automatic water troughs was often undrinkable, because it was dirty with faeces. Animals were heat-stressed, dehydrated and hungry. We found dead bulls and calves on board the trucks and one young fattening bull died before our eyes. Pregnant heifers gave birth inside the trailers. One calf was dead - some drivers pulled too hard. A veterinarian carried out a caesarean with the intention to save the cow. But after he detected serious internal injuries, a Turkish slaughter man was called to the spot and cut her throat without stunning. The suffering we saw this summer was worse than what we ever saw at the Turkish border.

Daily reports will be released soon.