20. February 2018

USA | Montana | Shelby| Bouvry Exports Bar S Feedlot

[Translate to English:] Es gibt noch immer keinen Witterungsschutz für die Pferde in Shelby.

30-31.10.2017: We visit the Bar S Feedlot in Shelby, Montana, which serves the Canadian slaughterhouse Bouvry as a collection station for slaughter horses purchased at auctions across the US. We immediately notice that the feedlot is under its capacity and there are empty pens. The horses still do not have shelter and thus no protection from sun, rain, snow and cold. Just like during our last visit, the horses are wearing different coloured neckbands. Many are laying down, completely still. There is no bedding in the pens to offer the horses a clean and dry resting place. We observe stallions mixed between the general population of horses and they are mounting different mares. We see two severely limping horses, still wearing auction tags, which have problems moving around in the pen. According to public documents, some of the horses in Shelby are exported to Canada as feeder horses, others for direct slaughter. Findings will be reported to competent authorities and we will continue to monitor the location.