Investigations by country:

27. April 2017

Germany | Chemnitz | Police training: road inspections

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During the road inspection at the highway A4 nine animal transporters are inspected, among them two private horse transports, cattle transported for slaughter and piglets on journeys exceeding 8 hours for further fattening.

Infringement procedures are started for two transporters. In one of them a divider was not fixed properly and a cow injured…

26. April 2017

Germany | Chemnitz | Police training in Chemnitz

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The traffic police in Chemnitz is very active in the field of livestock inspections and, with support of Dr. Alexander Rabitsch,  AWF could support them with a training on EU Regulation 1/2005. Beside police officers also veterinary inspectors participate and problematic fields of animal transport are discussed, for e.g. the long distance transport…

01. December 2016

Germany | Calau | Inspections on animal transports with the traffic police in South of Brandenburg

[Translate to English:] AWF Team filmt die Transportbedingungen eines Rindertransportes

The practical part of the training is on the highway and at an assembly station. We are accompanied by a team from MDR television. On the way to the assembly station the police observes a small trailer loaded with poultry. The animals are in danger to fall out and they are not efficiently protected from the cold temperature and the rain. Especially…

30. November 2016

Germany | Calau | Training for the police in Süd Brandenburg

[Translate to English:] Dieter Adam erläutert die Auswertung des Fahrtenschreibers

Together with the expert on animal transport, Dr. Alexander Rabitsch, we give a training on livestock inspections for the traffic police in South Brandenburg. The training is organized by Dieter Adam, a policeman with years of experience in livestock inspections. He presented the basics of the police work during these inspections. Ten policemen and…

20. September 2016

Germany | Cologne | Lecture on Ritual Saughter and Ethics at ABI (Akademischer Bund Interkulturell)

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The Academic Organisation for Culture, an Islamic Institution in Cologne (Germany), invited our inspector Asalet Sancakdaroglu to give a talk about animal-welfare and in particular Ritual slaughter. The presentation was 3-hours long and the audience was very attentive and interested. Asalet explained the essence of the Islamic requirements for…

18. April 2015

Poland-Germany | Trailing of a transport with calves

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At a gas station near Warcaw our team waits for transports with calves from the Baltic States. These calves are sent on the longest journeys in Europe, even though it is not possible to supply them on the vehicle according to the requirements of the EU regulation for the protection of animals during transport.
At 3:30 am the team sees a transporter…