Investigations by country:

15. March 2015

Uruguay | Tranqueras | Slaughter horse collecting station | Horsemeat Import

[Translate to English:] Pferde grasen am Rand einer Eukalyptusplantage.

In the morning, we visit the collecting station of horse dealer Bardanca, who supplies all three EU approved slaughterhouses with horses. He is one of Clay’s main suppliers and shipped more than 1.300 horses to Clay in 2014. Bardanca leases land in Tranqueras in the north of Uruguay from an international forestry company. When we arrive there, we…

13. March 2015

Uruguay | Sauce | Slaughterhouse Sarel | Horsemeat Import

[Translate to English:] Pferde kämpfen im überfüllten Anhänger.

In the morning, we follow a horse transporter that drives by Clay to the slaughterhouse Sarel. It is a typical Uruguayan livestock truck, which has no roof and therefore offers the animals no protection from sun and rain. The trailer appears overcrowded and we observe a lot of biting. At Sarel, there are horses in the paddocks next to the main…

13. March 2015

Uruguay | Totoral del Sauce | Slaughterhouse Clay | horsemeat import

[Translate to English:] Ein heruntergekommener Transporter entlädt Pferde bei Clay. Sammelstelle Clay: Pferch ohne jeglichen Witterungsschutz.

We arrive at the Clay slaughterhouse at 9:00. Not far from the slaughter plant, thereis Clay’s collecting station for slaughter horses. We note that some of the pensoffer no shelter at all. Other pens have a worn shelter made of wooden posts with some black fabric as roof. The fabric has fallen off in most areas, leaving the majority of the animals…