Investigations by Topics:

30. March 2017

Bulgaria | Svilengrad | Cattle exports to Turkey

[Translate to English:] Parkplatz Svilengrad – hier stehen nur Tiertransporter in der prallen Sonne.

Every day between 20-30 animal consignments are passing Bulgaria on the way to Turkey, most of the animals need a 24 hours rest in a control post according to Reg. (EC)1/2005. The Bulgarian authorities suddenly closed the Control Post of Royal Haskovo. We have no information about the reasons behind. Presently, only the newly opened control post in…

01. December 2016

Germany | Calau | Inspections on animal transports with the traffic police in South of Brandenburg

[Translate to English:] AWF Team filmt die Transportbedingungen eines Rindertransportes

The practical part of the training is on the highway and at an assembly station. We are accompanied by a team from MDR television. On the way to the assembly station the police observes a small trailer loaded with poultry. The animals are in danger to fall out and they are not efficiently protected from the cold temperature and the rain. Especially…

30. November 2016

Germany | Calau | Training for the police in Süd Brandenburg

[Translate to English:] Dieter Adam erläutert die Auswertung des Fahrtenschreibers

Together with the expert on animal transport, Dr. Alexander Rabitsch, we give a training on livestock inspections for the traffic police in South Brandenburg. The training is organized by Dieter Adam, a policeman with years of experience in livestock inspections. He presented the basics of the police work during these inspections. Ten policemen and…

10. November 2016

Spain | Barcelona | Animal Transport Guides

[Translate to English:]

Today our team is present at the last meeting of the working group for the Sheep Transport Guides as part of an European project called Animal Transport Guides ( At the meeting different stakeholders are present to express their concerns regarding animal welfare during the transport of sheep. The objective is to…

01. October 2016

Poland | Poznan | Conference “Practises towards animals in 21st century”

[Translate to English:] Unsere Repräsentantin stellt die Projekte des TSB/AWF in einer Rede kurz vor. (Aufgenommen von Bartosz Bajer)

The main aim of the conference organized by Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Poznan University of Life Sciences and NGO “Otwarte Klatki” (member of Eurogroup) was to create opportunities for interdisciplinary discussion on the various manifestations and ways of treating farm and laboratory animals and pets. The subjects were very diversified:…

12. September 2016

Ireland | Dublin | Meeting with representatives of the Ministry regarding sea transport of animals

[Translate to English:] Bullen, die gerade auf ein Schiff nach Libanon verladen wurden.

Our team meets with representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Marine in order to discuss the approval of vessels and the implementation of sea transports. Ireland is the only Member State of the European Union that has stricter requirements than EU Regulation 1/2005. Animals can only be exported on vessels approved in Ireland.…

29. August 2016

Bulgaria | Inspections of transports to Turkey

[Translate to English:] Tiertransport auf der Fahrt zur türkischen Grenze.

Our AWF/ EonA teams stays at the Bulgarian side of the border between Kapitan Andreevo/ Bulgaria and Kapikule/ Turkey and observes the arrival times of animals at the border.  A French journalist from ARTE is accompanying us. The trade is comparably slow, with approximately 10 animal trucks per day. We inspect a certain number of trucks, who are…

29. August 2016

Turkey | Border at Kapikule | EU animal exportsto Turkey

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Our team has inspected today 15 road transport vehicles transporting live bovines from EU member states to Turkey. The majority of animals have been found to be in a good condition. However we have found one truck that carried 2 young newborn calves that have been born during the journey to two German heifers.

That should have not happened. The…

08. July 2016

Turkey | Border Kapikule | Animal transports

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During the last week, two teams of TSB|AWF and Eyes on Animals have seen approximately 200 livestock trucks pass the Turkish border of Kapikule and inspected 118 thereof. The animals were coming from Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Italy and Slovakia. Before the investigation, we had sent a warning to all exporting EU…