Investigations by Topics:

30. March 2017

Poland | Podhale | Transport of lambs from Poland to Italy

[Translate to English:] Ein verzweifeltes Lamm zeigt den Saugreflex.

We inspect a sale market of lambs in southern Poland and follow a long-distance transport from this sale to a slaughterhouse in Italy. The truck carries 800 lambs, loaded on four decks in crowded conditions and with insufficient headspace. The lambs differ in sizes and ages and most of them are still on a milk diet. The driver makes several breaks…

18. March 2016

Poland | Highway Poland-Italy | Transport of lambs

[Translate to English:] Ein Lamm hat ein Bein zwischen dem Boden und der Wand eingeklemmt, was eine hohe Verletzungsgefahr darstellt.

We follow a long-distance transport of lambs from a sale in southern Poland to a slaughterhouse in Italy. The truck carries 700 lambs and is loaded on four decks. The headspace is insufficient and several of the taller animals touch the ceiling with their heads. The lambs are of different sizes and ages. We assume that at least part of them are…

26. February 2016

Poland | Transport of unweaned calves from Poland to Italy

[Translate to English:] Unzureichende Kopffreiheit und Kalb mit stark entzündeten Augen.

We follow a long-distance transport of unweaned calves from an assembly centre in the north of Poland to three different fattening farms in northern Italy. The calves are approx. four weeks old. Many are from Lithuania and have already been transported for several hours before being reloaded in Poland. On the way to Italy, the calves are not…

05. November 2015

France | Château-Gontier | Transport of unweaned calves from France to Spain

[Translate to English:] Ein überfüllter Pferch auf dem Kälbermarkt in Château-Gontier.

Our team follows a long-distance transport from the calf market in Château-Gontier, France, to three different farms and an assembly centre in Catalonia, Spain. At the market, some pens are so crowded that only a few calves can lie down and rest. The majority of the pens have straw bedding, but several have no bedding at all and the calves have to…

21. October 2015

Spain | Altorricon | Fattening farms for calves

[Translate to English:] Foto von Kälbern aus Frankreich

Our team visited two farms in Altorricon, Huesca region, in order to find calves that were trailed in July from Germany to Spain. The aim is to document how many of them survived the long distance transport and to see the conditions they are kept in.
Unfortunately we cannot find any of these calves from July, but instead other calves imported from…

18. April 2015

Poland-Germany | Trailing of a transport with calves

[Translate to English:]

At a gas station near Warcaw our team waits for transports with calves from the Baltic States. These calves are sent on the longest journeys in Europe, even though it is not possible to supply them on the vehicle according to the requirements of the EU regulation for the protection of animals during transport.
At 3:30 am the team sees a transporter…