Press Reports 2020

11. December 2020

From Holland to Hell: New investigation about live exports from the EU

"New investigation conducted by Eyes on Animals - in collaboration with Eurogroup for Animals' members Animals International, Animal Welfare Foundation and Welfarm - exposes the fate of Dutch cattle exported out of the country's territories."

Eurogroup for Animals news report 

02. September 2020

Daily Mirror: "Desolate death of one British calf fuels call for livestock export ban"

The British newspaper Daily Mirror reports on our research on long-distance transports of young calves. Only a few weeks ago our investigators found a British calf on a fattening farm in Spain. The young animal was lying exhausted and gasping for breath in the blazing sun. The owner of the fattening farm was unwilling to spend any money on the…

01. July 2020

New Romanian law legalises heat suffering

Source: Eurogroup for Animals

"Yesterday the Romanian Parliament voted on a bill aimed at ensuring better animal welfare during transport. In reality, the law will legitimize a practice in Romania that is illegal under Council Regulation no. 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport (Transport Regulation).

This is why Eurogroup for Animals joined Animals…

16. January 2020

Times of Israel: Calves who survived Australian fires sent to Israel for slaughter

Source: Times of Israel

Our partner organisation Israel Against Live Shipments (IALS) sent us a report about the following case: 

More than one billion animals died during the Austrialian bush fires. But the live export business carries on as usual. As our partner organisation reports, 11,000 calves were saved from the fires only to be shipped abroad to Israel for…