15. April 2015

Argentina | Ayacucho | Farm of Syntex | Blood farms for hormone production

[Translate to English:] Einzelboxen, in denen die Stuten für die Blutentnahme fixiert werden.

[Translate to English:] Stahlbehälter, der vermutlich für die Blutentnahme verwendet wird.

When we arrive at the Syntex farm at 21:30, it is already pitch-black. There are a lot of lights on, but all is quiet. The lairage area, where the blood is taken from the mares, is empty. There are approx. 14 individual stalls made of wood and alleys leading up to them. In the covered passageway between the stalls and the office/laboratory building, there is a stainless steel container and a big white plastic container. A pile of plastic buckets is standing close by. No horses are visible. It looks like no blood is taken tonight and we decide to come back in the morning.