Investigations by country:

28. June 2023

Live transport investigation in Poland together with the Polish Road Transport Police (ITD)

Polish local transport of broilers.

In June our team joins the Polish Road Transport Police (ITD) again with their live transport inspections. This time we are in the North-Eastern part of Poland. During three inspection days together with ITD Bialystok, we inspect seven animal trucks carrying adult pigs, piglets, bulls, laying hens and broilers. Unfortunately, the majority of the…

22. June 2023

Investigation in Cartagena: Spain's live export industry by sea

Pole biting: A sign of thirst. In sweltering heat, these animals are loaded onto the ATLANTIC ROSE from the truck.

For years, we have been documenting the cruel conditions of live exports of European animals to third countries via sea from the Spanish port of Cartagena. In the second half of June, we documented together with our partner organisations Welfarm and Animals International, the loading of sheep once again. The animals were loaded onto the vessels…

21. April 2023

Investigation in Poland: Live transport inspections during the night together with the Polish Road Transport Police (ITD)

Irish transporter carries 47 unweaned calves too many. Also, there is insufficient space above their heads.

Our investigation team is once again supporting the Polish Road Transport Police (ITD) during live transport inspections. This time, we are working through the night. In just eight hours, we inspect seven trucks (one of which is empty). Among them are three international live transporters carrying piglets for fattening from Denmark to Poland. All…

18. April 2023

Germany: Police training in Winsen / Luhe

Together with the police we are inspecting a truck loaded with pigs.

We have been invited for the sixth year in a row to hold a police seminar in Winsen (Germany) to  train police officers on animal welfare issues related to long-distance transports. The seminar consists of a theoretical part and a practical part involving animal transport inspections on the German highways A1, A7, and A39 in Lower Saxony.

The 17…

09. April 2023

Investigation in Canada: Horse feedlot of the Bouvry slaughterhouse

No protection from the elements.

We have been observing the feedlot of the Bouvry slaughterhouse in Alberta regularly since 2012. Here, horses are fattened for six months before slaughter. At each inspection, we have found serious animal welfare violations. In April 2023, we are again on-site, together with our US partner Animals’ Angels, in order to verify if the situation for…

26. March 2023

Easter investigation in Italy: Long-distance transports of lambs

One of the repeated problems is the lack of headspace.

Our investigative teams are on the road once again, this time to inspect trucks carrying lambs to Italy for Easter. Since 2016, we have repeatedly observed the same violations committed by the same transport companies.

This time, we have requested the support of the Italian police five times and were able to assist in four inspections. We have…

14. March 2023

Ferdinand: Failure of the competent authorities to protect animals during transport

Ferdinand, Summer 2020.

Drei Jahre ist es her, dass der Jungbulle Ferdinand im Hafen von Cartagena, Spanien, schwer misshandelt wurde. Der Fall Ferdinand kam nur ans Licht, weil unsere Teams einschritten. Einer der wenigen Fälle, die bei Tierschutzverbrechen überhaupt vor Gericht verhandelt wurden.

28. February 2023

Round table in the EU Parliament: end in sight for live exports?

Brussels: We are demanding an end to live exports.

At the invitation of the EU politician Thomas Waitz, our team makes its way to the EU Parliament in Brussels. There we will discuss the requirements for the new EU animal transport regulation at a round table with politicians from all parties and other animal welfare organisations. When we started with our investigations, we would never have dared…

08. February 2023

Investigation in France: Calves remain hungry at EU supply station (control post)

Our team is inspecting the condition of the young animals and the loading situation.

The police stop a truck with 200 hungry calves near Besancon (France). This police action is possible due to our cooperation with the French NGO Welfarm and the EU politician Caroline Roose from the Green party.

The night before our investigation team observes the calves from the Czech Republic being unloaded at a supply station in the Alsace.…