17. September 2021

Czech Republic| Rozvadov | Transport of calves to Spain

Unweaned calves from the Czech Republic en route to Spain.

Our investigation team is inspecting the loading conditions of the calves in the middle of the night.

Our team trails a Polish transporter loaded with 232 calves from Czech Republic. The calves have not been weaned yet. This means that they are still reliant on milk. During a stop close to the German border we inspect the loading conditions of the calves. The truck is equipped with a drinking system for pigs. This not appropriate to provide liquids to unweaned calves. This is a problem that we observe on each inspected truck transporting calves. Nevertheless, these trucks are still being approved for the transport of calves by the authorities. Since years, our teams have been writing complaints to the EU-Commission and the responsible authorities. However, unweaned calves are still being transported under questionable animal welfare conditions.