10. February 2022

Czech Republic | Rozvadov | Transport of calves to Spain

Looking for food, the hungry calves keep licking each other and the bars.

The team is discussing the situation.

MEP Caroline Roose shows how the drinking system of the transporter works. Calves are unable to use this system, especially since it is only accessible from outside the truck.

Not an individual case: Calves are fed insufficiently at control posts (supply stables) in France on a regular basis. Our investigations from the last years prove this.

The same is true today. Our team is accompanied by journalists and Caroline Roose, Member of the European Parliament. We observe a transport of calves on its way from the Czech Republic to Spain. We find that the calves, that are still reliant on milk, are not fed on the transporter. They only receive electrolytes at the control post, instead of milk or milk replacer – only once instead of three times. Long before the mandatory 24 hours are over, they are loaded again for the onward journey.

This is all against the law. For years, the authorities have been failing and ignoring EU law, to the suffering of animals. We will publish our observations and address complaints to the competent authorities and the EU Commission.