22. September 2020

Germany | Bautzen | Training on Animal Transports: Day 2

During the practical part of our training police officers and official veterinarians are controling animal transport vehicles.

Feces are running out of the transport vehicle. This is a violation because it is risking the spreading of animal diseases.

On the second day of our training on animal transports we are inspecting live transports together with the attendants near Bautzen. Within three hours we find a national transport and the course attendants get the chance to put their theoretical knowledge from the day before on the test.

The transport is loaded with cows and calves in a separate trailer. There are feces and urine running out of the transport vehicle. This is forbidden since it contributes to the risk of spreading animal diseases. The veterinarians are writing an official complaint which will be sent to the veterinarian who authorised the transport originally.   

All in all, our training in Bautzen was a success. We are hoping to be able to offer more trainings in Germany in the future.