21. May 2019

Germany | Alliance 90/The Greens meeting on animal exports to non-EU countries

We are reporting on the risks for animals during transport in non-EU countries.

The urgent need for action concerning the export of bovines to non-EU countries is discussed at an information event by the German party "Alliance 90/The Greens" under the leadership of Bernd Voß (Member of the Landtag Schleswig-Holstein). We report on the situation of certain non-EU export routes and inform about inspection reports published by the EU-Commission which also arrive at the conclusion that there are high risks for the welfare of animals during transport on certain export routes. 

The district chief executive of Steinburg, Kirstin Wosnitza of the Federal Association of Dairy Farmers (BDM), and Birte Hellerich, leader of the Food and Veterinary Office in Itzehoe confirm the unclear legal situation and ask the Ministry to commit to safe transportation routes.