28. April 2021

PMSG investigation in Uruguay: Blood farm Biomega

Emaciated exhausted mares with infected puncture sites.

Open, untreated wound on the shoulder.

Severely emaciated mare in the pasture.

Blood mare covered in scars.

During an investigation into PMSG production in Uruguay, we observe the Biomega blood farm for three days. There, blood is taken from pregnant mares for the production of the fertility hormone PMSG. We had already filmed the violent handling of mares during blood collection in 2018, and despite promises by the Uruguayan government to improve the conditions for the animals, we must come to the conclusion that nothing has changed. On the contrary, investments have been made in a new screen in front of the blood collection building. The handling of the horses is still unprofessional.

We search in vain for sufficient weather protection. The mares have no access to water and additional food such as hay after blood collection. They remain exhausted in the barren pastures. The frequent blood extractions and the nutrient-poor food put a strain on the mares and many of them are thin to severely emaciated. In addition, their foals are manually aborted. Injured animals do not receive veterinary care. They are left to fend for themselves and continue to be used for blood extractions.

Together with our Uruguayan partner organisation, we will file a complaint against the operators of the blood farm Biomega and we will continue to document animal welfare violations on the blood farms in Uruguay.