30. June 2018

Poland | Bodzentyn, Lagow | Monthly report June cattle & horse markets

Cow with a hand written eart tag. Selling and buying this animal is not allowed.

We still observe animals with very overgown hooves.

This square used to be full of bovines and trucks.

Much fewer animals also at the horse market.

This month, our Polish team has visited animal markets six times. Both places are calm and not very busy. We observe fewer animals. Once, at the horse market, no one shows up. This situation has happened for the first time since TSB|AWF controls this place.
At cattle market, we observe several cows with ovegrown hooves. We also notice a new trader from Tarnow area, he now comes regularly to Bodzentyn. His lorry is in average condition and he usually transports cattle tethered by horns. This is not allowed, but the trader does not want to listen to our instructions. He is very rude and sometimes even aggressive to our team, and to Veterinary Inspectors as well. One day we have noticed that he bought a cow with an ear tag written with a marker. When he saw we are taking a photo, he became very angry and hid the cow in the truck very quickly. We are in course of reporting all infringements to competent authorities.