31. August 2021

Poland | Bodzentyn | Monthly Report August: Cattle and Bird Market

Bodzentyn cattle market. Our team inspects the cattle market every Saturday.

Bodzentyn cattle market. The number of animals is very low in August.

Bird market in Bodzentyn. All animals seem to be in a good shape.

The atmosphere during our inspections at the cattle market in Bodzentyn is very unpleasant this month. We observe farmers who are trying to sell the same animals (mainly claves) since weeks. The farmers are complaining about very low prices. Therefore, they prefer to take the animals back home instead of selling them for cheap. Our team is being accused of destroying the trade with live animals in Bodzentyn. The traders are very aggressive towards us, and we are having big problems documenting the situation at the market with our cameras. Again, we must step back to deescalate the situation. Our team will return to the cattle market in September for further inspections.

During our animal welfare inspections of the bird market, we encounter a different and calmer atmosphere. Here, the owners are proudly presenting their animals. All birds  are in good condition, and we document no animal welfare violations.