30. May 2021

Poland | Bodzentyn | Monthly Report May: Cattle Market

Bodzentyn. Our team is inspecting the cattle market almost every Saturday.

Bodzentyn cattle market. Mainly young animals are being sold recently.

After the market inspection on a farm in Szerzawy. Helping suffering animals in need is always our priority.

This month only cattle market is operating in Bodzentyn. The bird market temporarily closed due to an outbreak of bird flu in the region. During our inspection of the cattle market our team mostly sees well-kept young cattle. We are glad that we do not have to report any animal welfare violations in May.

During an inspection of a truck, we are approached by a man from a nearby farm. He knows that our team always helps animals in need and asks us whether we can look after his bull. He tells us that the bull is in pain and cannot walk. He even has problems standing on his four legs. We promise the farmer that we will have a look at his bull after our market inspection.

At the farm, our team cleans and trims the claws of the bull. Overall, it takes us two hours to finish the task. Bulls are normally not used to close contact with humans. Hence, trimming the claws is often a challenging and dangerous job. However, at the end our team is happy that we could help the bull who can now walk without being in pain again.