19. June 2019

Poland | Bydgoszcz | Animal Transport Training for ITD Bydgoszcz

In the theoretical part of the training, the participants learn the requirements of the EU regulation for the protection of animals during transport.

Practical part: A broiler transport shows typical problems. The animals have been loaded carelessly into the transport boxes.

Practical part: The participants inspect an empty truck which usually loads piglets.

The driver receives a warning.

Our team arrives in Bydgoszcz, central Poland, together with our partner organisation Eyes on Animals to train the road transport inspection (ITD) in inspecting animal transports.

Day 1:
As usual in our training programme, is devoted to theory and reintroducing the audience to the provisions of Regulation 1/2005 that governs animal transport in the EU. The inspectors are very knowledgeable and motivated, we are having some very good discussions on problems observed in this region specifically.

Day 2:
We are driving to two inspection sites indicated by ITD inspectors. The traffic is limited today, but the animal transports stopped provide a great educational opportunity. For example, a national poultry transport clearly shows majority of the “usual” problems related to moving broilers to a slaughterhouse, with chicken loaded carelessly by chicken catchers and the driver not feeling responsible. We are analysing all these problems with the participating inspectors. The driver is reminded that he is responsible for the welfare of animals he is transporting and gets a warning.

We are also taking opportunity to have a look into an empty truck in which piglets are transported – without animals inside it is easier to see all elements that should work in an approved vehicle.

We will return to this region to continue practical cooperation with ITD.