18. April 2015

Poland-France | Animal Transports

[Translate to English:] Ein junges, nicht abgesetztes Kalb aus Polen, das nach Spanien transportiert wird.

Our team drives to a control post in France, where unweaned calves are rested and fed on the way from Poland to Spain. In the late afternoon two transporters arrive at the stable, loaded with calves from Poland and Lithuania which are only two to three weeks old. Some still have the umbilical cord. The calves are mooing loudly and licking the metal bars of the trucks. We observe that a calf stays lying down in a corner of the trailer during unloading and is repeatedly kicked by a driver and finally pulled up at the ears. Other calves are beaten with plastic sticks, also on their heads. These violent actions are prohibited by transport regulation EC 1/2005 and we are going to file a complaint to the competent authorities. 

Our team stays on site in order to check if the calves are rested for the mandatory 24 hours and will trail the transports to Spain.