23. September 2020

Poland | Opoczno | Verdict in the case of an injured cow

The cow suffered heavily from an ingrown horn which caused chronic pain.

Today we are at court in Opoczno. We have been invited to a hearing on the verdict in an animal abuse case. A cow has been severely neglected by the owners. The animal suffered from an ingrown horn that caused chronic pain.

It has been a long fight for justice. In December 2018 our team found the injured animal during an inspection at the Bodzentyn cattle market. We immediately reported the offence to the Police. Already at the Police station, as well as in court today, the owner of the cow has pleaded guilty.

The punishment is not as severe compared to similar cases of animal abuse, but we are satisfied with the result. The owner received a suspended sentence. If she will commit another offence within the next year, she will have to face four months imprisonment.  Moreover, she must pay a fine of around 440 € (PLN 1900). The verdict is not legally valid yet.