02. November 2020

Poland | Radom | Verdict: dilapidated horse trailer

The trailer construction was fastened with a transport belt to prevent falling apart.

There was a big whole in the sidewall of the horse trailer.

This dilapidated trailer belonging to a president of the regional chambers of agriculture. It is a shame.

Today, we receive the verdict in a case that is related to an investigation that we carried out on the horse market in Skaryszew in 2018.

During the market inspection, our team discovered a dilapidated horse trailer with big holes in the sidewalls and the floor. The entire construction was only held together by a transport belt. It appeared that the belt was installed to prevent the horse trailer from falling apart. Our team immediately called the police who stopped the owner of the vehicle who was trying to run away. Unfortunately, the police officer only paid attention to the broken lights and ignored the generally poor condition of the trailer during his inspection of the vehicle.

Therefore, our team decided to send an official complaint to the police. After many months of pre-trial investigation, the police dismissed our complaint. Then we decided to send the complaint directly to the court. After a trial that lasted two years and included the hearing of many witnesses, the court issued a verdict. However, it was not what we hoped for – the owner of the horse trailer was found not guilty.

Nevertheless, it seems like we succeeded after all. Our team spotted the same trailer in Skaryszew. It has been repaired and now seems to be in a good condition so that it no longer poses a risk to the horses that are being transported in this vehicle. We suspect that the owner was ashamed of being put to court. Especially, because it turned out to be the president of the regional chambers of agriculture who should act as a good example to other farmers.