25. January 2019

Poland | Voivodship Swietokrzyskie | Monthly Report January: Farm Animal Service (FAS)

Our first visit on a farm in Bieliny. We are trimming a the hooves of a lame colt.

Brody. The cancer infected all four hooves. It is a difficult disease to treat.

Przybyslawice. Finally, the foals’ hooves look quite good.

Porudzie. Setting up a new paddock for the horses.

This month, our FAS team visited 15 farms, trimmed the hooves of 15 horses and the claws of one cow. Also, ten horses were dewormed. Several lame animals need urgent help of our farriers. First, we are going to a lame cow in Paprocice. During trimming we find an abscess. We clean and disinfect the wound. Next, we are going to a farm in Bieliny. We are visiting this place for the first time. A lame colt needs our help. We trim his hooves, but they look healthy, only the hoof balance is incorrect.

Additionally, we explain the new FAS-programme to the owner and leave him documents to fill in if he decides to join our programme. Next, we are going to Brody to check the hooves of a mare that we have been treating since October. Unfortunately, her hooves do not look good. Even though the owner keeps applying the treatment during our absence, the thrush is back and now all four hooves are infected. We are taking a sample to the laboratory and consult this case with an equine veterinarian in Lublin Equine Clinic. The diagnosis is canker. The treatment needs to be changed again and may last from a few weeks up to a few months.

In Przybyslawice the team is happy to see that the situation is different. Finally, the foals’ hooves look quite good. Next, we are going to Porudzie to check if the owner made some improvements at his farm. The cooperation with this family is difficult. The boxes in the stable still need to be rebuilt. However, the owner has removed the manure form the stable and started setting up the paddock for horses. He promises to build new boxes in the spring. We will come back to check it. At a farm in Jegrznia we receive very sad news. Dog Wicherek died. The owners adopted him from us a year ago. He had a long life and at least spent the last months of his life in a nice place where he was respected.