31. January 2022

Poland | Swietokrzyskie | Monthly Report January: Farm Animal Service

Jeziorko. Our FAS team is trimming the hooves of a recently bought mare.

Sadlowice. We help the owner to consult a local veterinarian to treat the leg of this horse.

Rzepin: Our team is deworming a young stallion.

Since her foal is close, the mare is calm and relaxed during trimming.

In January, our Farm Animal Service team (FAS) starts with their work on a farm in Szerzawy. Here, a limping bull needs our help. During trimming, we find an abscess in one of his claws. We clean and disinfect the wound. However, it will take a few days before the wound is fully healed and the bull can walk without pain again. 

Next, our team is driving to Jeziorko. The owner of the farm did not keep animals for several years. Now, he bought a young mare for breeding. We advise him to build a paddock for her and since he agrees to our demand, we trim the hooves of his new mare.

Later, we are called to farm in Sarniec. There, a horse has been struggling with a leg infection. Not even a local veterinarian could treat the infection effectively. Therefore, we advise the owner to consult a specialist in a clinic in Lublin.

Afterwards, our team is driving to a farm in Bieliny to trim the hooves of several ponies and one goat. Then, we drive to a farm Rzepin to deworm two young horses. During our last visit, both horses were suffering from a cold and deworming was not possible. Now that they are healthy, they can be dewormed without problems.

This month our Farm Animal Service team visited 17 farms. We trimmed the hooves of 17 horses, the claws of one bull and a goat. Additionally, two horses were dewormed.