31. July 2019

Poland | Swietokrzyskie | Monthly Report July: Farm Animal Service

Zlotniki. We are installing a new doghouse.

Tarczek. The pony looks neglected, has dirty coat and very long and twisted hooves.

Lomno. This dog urgently needs a doghouse.

Skorzeszyce. Since our last visit the owner painted the walls and built new door to the box.

Podgorze. We apply a spray against fleas.

This month, we are first visiting new farms that would like to join to our programme to improve the welfare of farm animals. The first farm in Tarczek is generally well-maintained, but we are concerned about the pony. It appears to be neglected. It has a dirty coat and very long and twisted hooves. We are talking with the owner about this issue. We will come back in six weeks to check if the owner did pay more attention to the pony.

Another new farm is in Lomno. There we see a bull, an old mare and three dogs. The farm animals live in separated boxes, two dogs are chained, and one runs freely. The dogs need new doghouses and the yard needs cleaning. These are the main tasks for the farmer to complete before our next visit. Then, we are visiting a farm in Zlotniki where we have recently installed a wire with a lightweight chain to allow the dog run along the yard without any risk of escaping. This time we provide the dog with a doghouse. Thanks to that the dog can now spend more time outside, even if the weather is not perfect.

Next, we pay visit to a farm in Podgorze. This place has been under our supervision for many years. The owners are poor, but also lazy and very difficult to cooperate with. They have several cattle, cats and five dogs. Again, we see mouldy food in the dog bowls and no water. Moreover, a female cat has just given birth to a few kittens. The owner agrees to neuter the cat when she finishes feeding the kittens. We apply a spray against fleas on all dogs and leave a bag of dog food behind. Visiting this place is always frustrating and depressing. Again, we are brainstorming a strategy change in order to improve the approach to this farm.

Then, we visit a farm in Skorzeszyce. Here, we trim the hooves of a colt. He is being trimmed for the first time. Since our last visit the owner painted the walls and built a new door to the box. Now, the stable is much brighter and safer for the horse. At a next farm, in Wola Zamkowa, we receive sad news from the owner. His dog has just died. He was old and diagnosed with cancer a year ago. It is sad but at least the dog is not suffering.

On the last farm in Wachock, we are asked for advice by one of the farmers. He has recently sold his horse and has received an offer to buy a one-year old Arabian stallion. We are strongly advising against it, because such horse will be too difficult to handle for someone who is only experienced in dealing with draft horses. In total our farriers visited 16 farms and trimmed hooves of ten horses. Also, two new contracts were signed.