31. July 2022

Poland | Swietokrzyskie | Monthly report July: Farm Animal Service

Wola Zamkowa: Our FAS-team is looking after the hooves of this 30-year-old horse. He is very calm and friendly.

Plucki: We are treating the abscess in the claw of the cow.

Zbelutka: This cow has difficulties walking due to overgrown claws.

Linow. We are trimming the hooves of the pony.

In July, our Farm Animal Service team (FAS)  start their work on a farm in Wola Zamkowa. There we trim the hooves of a 30 year old gelding. Despite his age, still he is in good shape. He is calm during trimming and picks up his legs very well.

Next, our FAS-team receives three phone calls from different farmers to care for several lame animals. On the first farm in Zbelutka, we are treating a limping cow with an open wound between her claws. We clean the injured claw and advise the owner to leave the cow inside the stable on clean bedding for a couple of days. Our team will return to check whether the wound is healing. Afterwards, we are driving to Plucki to care for another lame cow. She has overgrown claws and an abscess in her claw. Since she has problems standing on her injured claw, we decided to split our work and first treat the abscess before continuing with the trimming of the claws in a couple of days. Our final lame patient is based on a farm in Wolka Chrapanowska. The trimming of the hooves of the lame horse reveals that the frog started to rot. We clean the frog and protect it with an ointment. However, the owner needs to keep the looking after the infected hoof by trying to keep it dry.

On the next farm in Przybyslawice, we want to check how the limping mare is doing that we treated last month. She is looking better and is not as lame anymore. However, still she walks a bit stiff. Today we trim her the hooves together with those of four other horses.

Then our team continues with their work on a farm in Linow. Last time we discovered neglected animals during our inspection. We reprimanded the owner to take better care of his animals. This time the ponies are in a much better condition. Their coats are clean, and they gained more weight. As a reward, we trim the hooves of the ponies for free.

Afterwards, our team is driving to Niedospielin. The owner is showing us a recently born foal. He told us that all his foals in the past were born dead or died shortly after birth. Therefore, he is very happy that this foal is healthy and in a robust condition. Next to meeting his new foal, we trim the hooves of his two mares.

In total, our FAS team visited 13 farms in July. We trimmed the hooves of 23 horses, and the claws of two cows.