30. June 2022

Poland | Swietokrzyskie | Monthly report June: Farm Animal Service

Our FAS team is trimming the overgrown claws of several cows.

Wola Zamkowa: The owner decides to buy a new electric fence set up in order to enlarge the paddock for his horses.

Michalin: The hooves of this mare have been severely neglected by the previous owner. Therefore, it takes our farriers a lot of effort to correct them.

Summer arrived in Poland much earlier than usual. Therefore, in June it is already very hot. The temperature climbs up to extraordinarily high 34 °C. This makes the work for our Farm Animal Service (FAS) team more challenging. The heat and aggressive horse bitterns are tormenting both humans and animals. Moreover, is especially hard for the animals to stay calm during the trimming.

In June, our team is first called to Wola Zamkowa. The owner noticed a strange thickening on the mare’s leg. However, our team does not notice anything suspicious. To us the leg does not seem to be swollen and the horse is looking healthy. Moreover, the owner tells us about his plans to enlarge the paddock for his animals. We are happy about his initiative and provide him with an electric fence to start the project.

Next, we drive to two farms in Nowa Zbelutka. On both farms, the claws of cows need trimming. In the first place, the owner asks us to shorten the overgrown claws of a cow he bought just one week ago. However, during the insp. Also, on the second farm in Nowa Zbelutka, a cow is suffering from overgrown claws. Luckily, all three animals can walk without pain again after our farriers finished their work.

One of the next farms our team inspects in June is located in Michalin. The owner bought a new mare recently. The previous owner did not look properly after her and her hooves are in a very poor condition. It takes a lot of work to bring them into an acceptable state. She will need more regular trimming in the future.

The last farm we visit is based in Przybyslawice. Here, our farriers are helping a limping mare. The mare barely can walk. The hooves are not the cause for her suffering. We notice that the leg above the hoof is swollen. We discover infected tissue and a lot of fly larvae inside the flesh. We clean the wound immediately and treat it with a special medication. Moreover, we advise the owner to call a veterinarian to take care of the follow-up treatment.

In total, our FAS team visited 20 farms and trimmed the hooves of 20 horses as well as the claws of three cows. Moreover, we looked after the teeth of two horses.