30. November 2021

Poland | Swietokrzyskie | Monthly report November: Farm Animal Service

Kurzacze. The mare is very nervous, and we have to postpone the trimming of her hooves.

Paprocice: We are instructing the owner to renovate the dog house.

Sieradowice. We are treating scabies found on the mare’s leg.

Wachock. We are helping the farmer with the first ride in a chart of his young horse.

This month, the work for our Farm Animal Service (FAS) team starts with a warning in Paprocice. The owners of the farm need to repair the dilapidated doghouse as soon as possible. The temperatures are decreasing, and their dog is not properly protected against cold weather.

The next farm we are visiting is located in Sieradowice. Here, we trim the hooves of a pony and treat a mare with scabies. Afterwards, our team is driving to a farm in Porudzie. There we are deworming a foal. We are sad to find out that the owner has been neglected his farm and his animals since his son passed away. He stopped renovating his home and the separations between the stable boxes are falling apart.

Next, we are visiting a farm in Bronkowice to trim the hooves of a foal. Unfortunately, there is no one who can help the owner with holding the legs of the foal. We are trying our best but fail to trim the hooves eventually. The trimming has to be postponed. Also, on a farm in Kurzacze, we have to stop trimming the mare’s hooves because she is too nervous. We will come back in a couple of days to try again.

Next, we are taking care of the hooves of a young horse in Wachock. After the trimming, we are asked by the owner to help him with the first ride in a chart. In the evening the owner calls our teams and reports that he is very satisfied. He spent an hour driving around the neighbourhood.

In November, our FAS team trimmed the hooves of 16 horses and the claws of two cows. Moreover, two horses were dewormed.