30. October 2020

Poland | Swietokrzyskie | Monthly Report October: Farm Animal Service

Sieradowice. The owner presents new stable doors and a freshly paved yard.

Mlynek. Our FAS team is looking after a limping stallion.

Niedospielin. The owner built an additional paddock for his horses.

Debniak. The owner built a kennel for his dog. Still, the doghouse needs some improvement.

This month, the work for our Farm Animal Service (FAS) team starts in Sieradowice. The farm owner finished paving the yard and installed a new stable door. As a reward for his good work, we trim the hooves of his two horses. Next, our team is driving to Mosty. Here too, the farm owner was supposed to build a new stable door. However, he did not complete his task. We are very disappointed and issue a warning to him. Because the hooves of his horse are in a very bad condition, we decide to trim them regardless. We will come back and take care of the hooves of the remaining animals after the farmer finishes his task. On our next farm visit in Niedospielin we are happy to see more improvements. The owner has separated the yard with an electric fence so that his horses can finally get to the paddock safely. Moreover, he built an additional paddock for his animals. As a reward, we trim the hooves of his horse. During the trimming work, we find an abscess. We clean and disinfect the wound.  

Also, in Debniak we see progress. The stable has been continuously modernised, and a new dog kennel was built. Now only, the inside walls of the stable must be whitened and the kennel requires an improved doghouse. We are very satisfied with the work that has been done so far. As a reward we trim the hooves of the farmer’s mare.  

Afterwards, our team is returning to Mlynek to check on a stallion whose hooves we trimmed several days before. Unfortunately, we find and abscess in his hoof again. We clean and disinfect the wound and hope that it heals quickly. Also, in Kozie Pole we are treating a horse with a hoof abscess.

In October, we visited nine farms in total and trimmed the hooves of 17 horses. Unfortunately, the increasing number of coronavirus infections in Poland forces our team to pause their work. We will continue with our Farm Animal Service as soon as it will be possible again.