31. October 2021

Poland | Swietokrzyskie | Monthly report October: Farm Animal Service

Okalina. We trim the hooves of four horses. All suffer from laminitis.

Niedospielin. Hoof canker is a disease difficult to treat.

Trzeszkowice. Our team trims the teeth of this young stallion.

Marcinkow. Horses under our organisation`s care are well trained, and the trimming goes smoothly.

October is a busy month for our Farm Animal Service (FAS) team. We start our work by trimming the hooves of four horses on a farm in Okalina. All for animals suffer from laminitis. Recently, the owner started to build a new stable for the small herd and is currently waiting for help to finish the roof.  

Next, we drive to farm in Niedospielin to check on a mare suffers that suffers from hoof canker. Unfortunately, we do not see any improvement. It is a very difficult disease to treat. But we are not willing to give up. We clean her hooves and apply a special ointment again. Our team will return in a couple of days to check the therapy progress. In the meantime, we trim the hooves of tree more horses.

Then, we visit two farms in Debniak. On the first farm, we negotiate with the owner to set up a new paddock for his mare. On the neighbouring farm, we are happy to see that the owner is properly looking after his mare. As a reward, we are offering our free hoof trimming service to him.

Next, our team is visiting a farmer in Bodzentyn who is interested in joining our ATET programme that is aimed at improving the living conditions of so called “farm” animals. The owner has recently bought horses for the very first time – a mare, a stallion, and a pony. Since the owner is planning to join the programme and is willing to build a paddock, we trim the hooves of his mare. On the second farm in Trzeszkowice, we trim the teeth of a young stallion. Now, he will be able to eat without pain again.

Our final visit is in Marcinkow. There, we are trimming the hooves of the horses who are under direct care of our organisation. Despite their advanced age, all horses are in a good condition.  

This month our FAS team trimmed the hooves of 36 horses. Moreover, three horses have been dewormed and the teeth of a stallion have been trimmed.