30. September 2022

Poland | Swietokrzyskie | Monthly report September: Farm Animal Service

Stara Slupia: After shortening the overgrown claws of this mother cow, she can walk without pain again.

Marcinkow: The pony with overgrown hooves suffered from laminitis in the past.

Czastkow: This storage space will soon be transformed into new boxes for the horses.

Debniak: We are trimming the hooves of this mare.

This month is very busy for our Farm Animal Service (FAS) team. We start our work on two farms in Debniak. There we trim the hooves of five horses. Afterwards, we are driving to a farm in Czastkow. We are happy to see that the owner has finished building a new stable. Currently, he is using it for storage, but soon he will build boxes so that his horses can move in. As a reward for his good work, we trim the hooves of his two mares.

We receive phone calls from three farmers asking for help. Several cows on the farms are struggling with lameness. On the first farm in Wola Strzygielkowa, the cow is suffering from an abscess in one of her claws. She is very calm during the trimming. The trimming of the claws of the next cow in Dabrowa also goes surprisingly fast. Also here, an abscess was the reason for the animals’ lameness. On the next farm in Stara Slupia, our farmers are encountering a difficult situation. The cow is very nervous and afraid of strangers. Thus, the trimming is quite challenging. However, our farriers manage to shorten her claws successfully and the cow is able to walk without pain again. 

Afterwards, our team is driving to a farm in Marcinkow. We are asked to trim the hooves of three ponies. All the animals have problems with their hooves. They suffered from laminitis in the past. Therefore, their hooves need more regular trimming, and our farriers are here to help. Next, we are on our way to Wiacka. We provide the farmer with an electric fence since he is interested in building a paddock for his animals. Our final visit this month is on a farm in Sniadka to trim the hooves of one mare.

This month our farriers visited farm 21 farms. We trimmed the hooves of 28 horses and the claws of three cows. Additionally, we provided one farmer with an electric fence to build a paddock for his animals.