04. November 2019

Poland | Wachock | Brand new dog houses for animals in need

Wachock. The owner of a carpentry workshop has built eight dog houses for dogs in need.

Wachock. We are unloading a big surprise for dogs in need.

Kuczow. The first delivery: Finally, the dog who is being kept in this kennel gets the much needed weather protection.

We receive a surprise by a German carpenter, Mr Olivier, from Darmstadt who has a carpentry workshop in Poland close to Wachock. He approves of the work of our NGO in Poland and decides to support us with a free delivery of eight doghouses. He built the dog houses from left over materials in his workshop. We are very happy about his generous support and his empathy for dogs in need. 

One of the doghouses has already been set up in Kuczow to provide shelter for a dog that lives in a kennel without proper weather protection. Now, he finally has a nice and dry place to sleep. We will allocate the remaining dog houses to other dogs in need very soon.