18. February 2020

Poland | Wachock | Cats & Dogs

We are taking Muszka, a female dog, to the veterinary clinic where she will be sterilised.

Bobik, Muszka’s male companion will be castrated as well.

The guinea pigs will stay with volunteers until they will be able to find a new and bigger home for these fluffy pets.

Our team receives anonymous information about a lady from Wachock who is collecting and breeding small animals. Our team drives to Wachock to check on the condition of the animals. When we arrive, we are welcomed by a woman with a mild mental disability. She lives in a very small apartment together with her father. She keeps two dogs, a cat and several guinea pigs. However, her apartment seems to be too small for such a high number of animals.

During our conversation, she tells us that she is willing to give up the guinea pigs for adoption. We know some volunteers from Skarzysko-Kamienna. They will be searching for a new and bigger home for these fluffy pets.

Moreover, we can convince her to neuter her two dogs and her cat to prevent more animals being born into this small space. We are taking the animals to the veterinary clinic for the medical procedure free of charge. They will be able to return to their home after the surgery.