30. November 2016

Polen | Monthly report November | Region Heiligkreuz | Farm Animal Service

[Translate to English:] Hufkorrektur beim 2-jährigen Hengst “Czort”.

[Translate to English:] Medizinische Behandlung des 20-jährigen Arbeitspferdes in Rzepin.

[Translate to English:] Korrektur vernachlässigter Hufe.

[Translate to English:]

[Translate to English:] Hufkorrektur bei einem Arbeitspferd.

[Translate to English:] Dritter Besuch bei der alten Stute in Rzepin zum Wechseln der Wundverbände.

[Translate to English:] Unser Team nimmt Hautproben bei einer Kuh mit einer Hauterkrankung.

[Translate to English:] Unser Team wechselt Ketten mit einem Halfter aus.

[Translate to English:] Mutter mit ihrem Fohlen auf einem von uns gesponserten Paddock.

[Translate to English:] Bull auf einem Hof, welcher unter unserer ständiger Kontrolle ist.

[Translate to English:] Unser Team korrigiert die Hufe von “Witek”, welcher als Arbeitspferd im Wald eingesetzt wird.

In November our FAS-Team Michal and Bogdan visited 20 farms, some of them several times.  They trimmed the hoofes of 16 horses and dewormed 3 foals. Some of the horses were treated by the team for the first time, others like the young and beautiful stallion “Witek” is in our care since he was a foal. A 20 year old mare in Rzepin needed regular visits in November to treat her rotten hoof regularly and change the wound dressing. The team was pleased to see a mare outside on paddock with her foal. It is still difficult to convince farmers about the benefits of outside paddocks for their horses, but we are progressing. 

The team trimmed 2 lame cows and took skin samples of a cow with an itchy skin disease.

Two dogs on a farm were castrated and one of the dogs received a new doghouse.

In Hucisko, our team inspected a farm with nine cattle. There were rumors the cattle were starving. The team found the farmer feeding the cattle, but some of them were skinny. The farmer promised to sell the cattle as soon as possible, since he is running out of feed. We will check the farm again in two weeks.

Our team also had to pay several visits this month to a farm in Grzegorzowice, which is almost under constant supervision. The stables are full of manure so that the animals can hardly stand in it without touching the ceiling. Thus the young bull had to be removed into the barn. We have been very patient with the widow in charge of the farm, but we will inform the veterinary inspection about the conditions.