04. July 2019

Russia | Smolensk | Cattle exports to Kazachsthan

Cattle from the Czech Republic on their long journey to Kazaksthan.

Cattle from the Czech Republic in the heavy traffic in Russia.

Our team is trailing two trucks with cattle over 1.500 km, from the Smolensk area via Moscow to Samara, in the Southeast of Russia. The goal is to observe the compliance with EU Regulation No. 1/2005 concerning the required resting and feeding intervalls.

The traffic along the route is insane and so are the drivers of the trucks we are following. They are constantly driving 100 km/h on a normal two lane road, continuously overtaking other trucks and cars and speeding even in villages. Keeping up the pace is a huge challenge and eventually we are loosing the trucks near Samara, after refuelling our car at a gas station.

Within the 22 hours tracing, the drivers only made four very short stops at the side of the road and ignored the required 1 hour resting period for the animals, where they are obliged to provide water and food. We doubt that they unloaded the animals after 29 hours of transport at a stable, but we do not have proof of it.

We will send a complaint to the authorities in Veseli/ Czechia, from where the animals have been sent on a 5.160 km journey to Karganda in Kazakhstan. Furthermore we will request the authority who approved the truck to look into a presumed manipulation of the truck limiter.